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At Prima School of Ballet, our aim is to give children the chance to experience ballet in a fun, encouraging and professional environment allowing each child to develop their full potential.

In our classes, we develop good posture, stamina, strength, balance, flexibility, musicality and coordination. All very important elements for a beautiful dancer! Alongside this, children will learn valuable skills which are useful in life like listening, working with others and much more!


The school runs classes for children aged 18 months and upwards. In these classes, we incorporate both ballet exercises as well as storytelling and use both classical and children's music. This helps to develop the children's imagination and musicality. 

The baby and toddler ballet classes starting from 18 months are a chance for grown ups to bond with their little one whilst enjoying music, nursery rhymes and using the space to have lots of fun.

In beginner and nursery ballet your child will now be more independent and will be able to follow the teacher and dance with their friends. Each class will take your young one on an exciting adventure to find fairies, princesses, castles and jungles! With the teacher's guidance, children will use their imagination as well as starting to learn some new exciting ballet movements.


In the classes of children aged 5+  we start to incorporate more technique and discipline as well as learning many

more professional ballet steps!


Our primary aim is always for the children to enjoy and look forward to their ballet classes, as well as it being a place

for them to express themselves freely, and whilst we understand that for some ballet may be a very much loved after

school hobby, older children who are keen to progress and pursue a career as a professional will be given full

support and guidance.  

We offer a trial class to each new child, so come and have a go!


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