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Private Coaching

Whether you are a child, adult beginner or young dancer preparing for exams/auditions, we are able to offer private classical ballet classes and one on one coaching sessions. 


Miss Lika says:


''I was trained mostly by Russian teachers, but also English teachers too. After working with a few different companies, I learned that my strong Russian training, both in the technicalities and the mentality was what helped me to work hard, be very disciplined, persistent and stand out from others around me.  I am to this day very grateful for the strong mindset and discipline it has given me in all aspects of my life. I aim to train my older students according to the way I was taught and helping them discover the strength, musicality and theatricality- all crucial qualities to develop in order to grow and develop into a beautiful and unique dancer.  


Apart from running my own school, I currently also teach at two prestigious ballet schools in London and have students ranging from toddlers all the way to teenagers. I also hold the Royal Academy of Dance 'Professional Dancers Teaching Diploma'  qualification and am able to teach the RAD syllabus.'' 

All sessions are generally private and are held on a one to one basis. If you wish to bring a friend or for group sessions, such arrangements can be discussed. 

Sessions will be tailored to each student's personal needs and will aim to work on strength and conditioning of the body as well as flexibility and musicality. 

For more information, please contact directly.

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