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Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulation

What information do we hold and why?

- Prima School of Ballet takes the details of the child as well as the parent/carer at the time of registration

- The student's date of birth is taken to identify the most suitable class

- The parent/carer's address, phone number and email is taken for necessary communication

- We ask kindly to be notified of any medical conditions to ensure that there is nothing in our class practice that could put the student at risk physically or mentally

- We ask about how you found us for market research purposes

Who can access this data?

- The information is kept and stored by Prima School of Ballet's Data Protection Officer (school principal Lika Berkun) in an encrypted personal database accessible only by the officer

- Any forms in paper version are first filed, then shredded 

- Paper registers are taken at every class by the teacher to record attendance. Details included are: student's name, age, parent/carer's name

If leaving the school, what happens to the data?

This policy sets out how long the pupil data will normally be held by us and when that information will be confidentially destroyed in compliance with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Data will be stored and processed to allow for the efficient operation of the School. 

- When managing records, the School will adhere to the standard retention times listed below:

Pupil Admission Records - 1 year from date of admission

Pupil Admissions register - Entries to be preserved for 3 years from date of entry

Pupil Record - 1 year from leaving

Pupil Attendance Registers - To be held  for 3 years from date of entry 

- All paper records containing personal information will be shredded before disposal where possible and all electronic records will be deleted. 

The School maintains a database of records which have been destroyed and who authorised their destruction. When destroying documents, the appropriate staff member should record in this list:

  • File reference (or other unique identifier);

  • File title/description;

  • Number of files; and

  • Name of the authorising officer.



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