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Child Protection and Safeguarding Procedures





Prima School of Ballet have the following procedures in place to ensure the highest standard of child safeguarding and protection is up held at all times:

Prima School of Ballet ensure that all the staff have been enhanced DBS checked, qualified in their particular expertise, first aid trained and have completed a minimum of Level 1 safeguarding training and ongoing training at regular intervals.


Staff will report any concerns to Ms Lika Berkun– Principal of Prima School of Ballet and the designated Child Protection Officer for the school who will report information directly to Ealing Council, Safeguarding Children Board and the Safeguarding team.   


All volunteers or assistants (over the age of 16 years) at Prima School of Ballet are DBS checked as standard.

Prima School of Ballet have private changing areas at each of the venues we hire and ensure parents of children 10 years and under do not leave their children unattended within the building or in the areas directly outside the venues.


Prima School of Ballet staff take registers at each class, as well as making sure all the children go back to a parent/guardian after each class.


The school will always follow up a students’ absence to ensure students attend regularly. This contributes to the creation of an environment in which student safety is paramount.


Parents must write a letter to Prima School of Ballet to give permission for their child to leave the building unattended and this is regularly checked to ensure the child is safe going home or being collected outside the building. This only applies to children over the age of 10 years.


Parents are informed about the nature of corrections in dance training as a ‘hands on’ approach is necessary at times to ensure safe technique. Parents are invited to write to Prima School of Ballet if they are not happy for this to happen.


All the students know to return to the class/studio in the event of a parent/carer being late.


Every teacher has a contact number and emergency contact number to call the parent/carer should an accident occur within class or a parent is late collecting a student. Parents must ensure this information is updated when necessary.


The teachers follow a common sense approach to safety along with their knowledge in their field of expertise. Students must ensure they have the appropriate clothing and footwear for class and that all the students clearly understand the instructions given in class.


Students are given regular drinks/snack breaks during class and escorted to the toilet if necessary by a DBS checked assistant or parent/carer.

All the teachers have their own Public Liability Insurance and First Aid Training for Infants, Children and Adults. Accident reports are filled out for students who are involved in an accident during class and parents/guardians are always informed and sign the accident form to document the incident.


Prima School of Ballet have provision for their student’s health and safety and take particular care to protect those with medical care needs. Arrangements for the storage of medicines are understood by staff.



Photographs/ Filming Policy 


We respectfully ask all parents and carers NOT to take photographs or videos of any children during the lessons or while they are on the premises.

This is because while it is permissible to take a photograph of your own child, you may inadvertently include a child/children in the photograph whose parents have not consented to their photograph being taken.

Instead the teacher will endeavor to facilitate permissible and controlled photograph and video opportunities, between parents/carers and their own child/children at the end of the class and on 'Watching Week' which is the last week of term where family and friends are invited to attend to watch their children dance.  


Permission will be requested and given in writing for the use of students photographic image or video footage to be used on social media and the internet for school purposes only.

The Prima School of Ballet website is regularly monitored to ensure no one uses any offensive language or images which would be inappropriate for a child to view. Any misconduct would be immediately removed and reported to the site regulator.


Prima School of Ballet always encourages participation to all students, with steps taken where necessary to minimise the risks involved.

Prima School of Ballet understands that safeguarding is as much about students’ emotional and mental well being as it is about their physical well being.

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