Kate Macpherson

Personal Training

Lika is life-changing! She is so motivating, kind and fun, as well as strong, elegant and beautiful from her previous ballet career which is inspiring! Since starting training with her I have become stronger, fitter and most importantly have been able to engage with regular exercise at last. I miss it when we don't meet, and am now motivated to frequently exercise independently - and it's undoubtedly down to her inspiration. Her sessions are challenging, varied and satisfying. I never leave without a spring in my step for the day. I can't recommend Lika highly enough!


Natalia Georgiadi

High-Intensity Interval (HIIT) Training

Lika is a great personal trainer whose workout plans helped me achieve amazing results! Every workout was challenging, intense, fun and different and she always pushed me to reach my full potential. After 12 weeks with her, I have learnt so much about exercise and healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle has become a must! Thank you Lika!

Peter Maltz

I have fairly permanent lower back pain but after a few sessions focussed around core it has largely gone , so thanks Lika , for keeping me motivated to stay fit and helping with my back !



Pippa Arnold

Circuit Training

We have been working with Lika for about 18 months now and she has made a huge difference to our strength, enjoyment of exercise and general well being. We very much enjoy the classes and couldn't ask for a better instructor.


Olga Danilova 

Personal Training


I have been struggling with getting right motivation out of the regular gyms for some time now. After meeting with Lika she helped get the motivation I needed. Not only we were able to use stunning park for workouts, she found the way to concentrate on the areas I wanted and helped to achieve fantastic results. Lika uses very personal approach structuring the timetable conveniently around me. I would recommend Lika' s services as she is very inspirational motivated individual who can get the job done!



Dasha Melyushkina 

Personal Training


I trained with Lika in 2016 and again in 2017 after pregnancy aiming at losing weight and building up fitness level. She's exceptionally considered when comes to taking into account your personal circumstances and goals, inspirational and realistic, and a great fun to train with. Her unique combination of ballet and fitness training helps her to understand how female body functions and helps drive results. She even inspired my husband to embark on a training programme for himself! I loved training with Lika and would train with her again.


Flora Merton 

Circuit Training


We LOVE our sessions with Lika! She pushes us on a Monday morning when exercise is the last thing we want to do! She is very encouraging, makes sure we are in the right position with each exercise and varies every class so we are always trying new things. Couldn't recommend Lika enough.