Becoming fitter, healthier or achieving the great body you wish for requires a lot of dedication, hard work and most of all, patience! It is about changing your entire view of food and exercise and making them a new, exciting way of life instead of another diet and fitness routine that never works. The journey will be tough but the results you will feel and the confidence you will gain in yourself and your body will be well worth it at the end.

I train my clients in the park, in their homes or if they have a gym in their building this is a great advantage too! This makes my sessions accessible and attainable for anyone as it is not a necessity to have any major pieces of equipment apart from some basics and all exercises may be performed in the home, garden or outside. I will give all my energy and knowledge to inspire and teach you how to train your body and lead a balanced way of life that you can follow by yourself without me too, because you can do it!  


My bespoke fat loss, muscle gaining programmes designed for women last 6 weeks and comprise of 12 sessions. Six weeks on average, is the amount of time it takes for the body to start changing the way it works for you, drop old habits, begin new ones and as it starts to get used to the new way of life, having to work harder and receive food differently, this is when we begin to feel and see some results in the body. And this is why its so important and why I emphasize to all my clients that there is never a quick fix for fitness! You  must be patient, dedicated and see this as a long term change for the better.


Each package will include:


-12 personal training sessions

- Free Physical assessment

- Free Nutritional guidance

- Follow ups after end of package


The physical assessment is a crucial part of the programme as it will determine your current fitness levels, weaknesses in any certain areas and will give us a chance to set realistic and attainable goals to aim for. The assessment will involve body measurements, body fat percentage readings and BMI, as well as performing a few physical exercises to test your upper and lower body strength.

Following the assessment, I will provide you with feedback, and based on the results and calculations I will design 12 personal training sessions with your goals in mind.

I will also ask you to complete a food diary for each week of the programme so we can access what food and lifestyle choices may be preventing you from reaching your goals.




The sessions will last 1h and will contain elements of both cardio and resistance training making sure to increase the heart rate and to challenge and strengthen the muscles with weight training. This combination is essential for increasing metabolism, stimulating maximum fat loss, muscle growth and maintaining a healthy bone density.


The workouts, with your goals in mind, will be based on functional training with movements that can be translated into daily life activities and we will incorporate various kinds of equipment to challenge your body throughout.

It won’t be easy, but if you’re ready to change, don’t wait for circumstances to change, let’s start making the change together…and don’t worry, I will of course guide you every step of the way, making sure that both your fitness and nutrition are on track to give you the best chance of achieving the body and health that you wish for.