My name is Lika, and apart from being a ballet teacher I am also a certified London based Personal Trainer.

From a very early age I began dancing ballet and soon realised that this is what I love most in the world and so it became my passion, my career, and my life for the next 17 years. Throughout my dancing career I was always aware of the importance of having balanced diet and exercise as a way of life in order to keep me strong and prepared for the demands of such a physical life. Being physically strong and exercising also helped me a lot to recover from various injuries and to be able to carry on doing what I love. Since stopping dancing professionally, I am teaching children of all ages and doing personal training with adults.


Especially after stopping dancing, I want to make sure that my body is still staying fit and strong and prepared for anything that my day brings me. I have found that maintaining a healthy diet and making sure I provide time for regular exercise is what allows me to feel great in my body every single day. I want to inspire and educate women in the importance of a balanced way of life that will help them to be stronger, more energetic, happy, confident and ready for whatever life may bring!


I have a Level 2 certificate in fitness Instructing as well as a Level 3 Personal Training certificate and have worked in the past at the Central YMCA gym in central London. I have experience in functional body weight training, metabolic circuits, free weights, TRX and flexibility training, as well as teaching group fitness and I believe that challenging your body in different ways is the key to achieving great lasting results. 

My aim is to help as many women as possible feel strong confident and great about themselves everyday! Lets start now!

I very much look forward to helping guide your on your new journey to better health and fitness! 

Much love,

Lika. x